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About us

About us


CGMscript is probably the most versatile direct selling company, verified by the Direct Selling Equity with Class A Certificate, offering a vast variety of meaningful services and products in the diverse markets. Our focus is to rise the people's entrepreneurship spirit through all in one CGMscript solutions that enhance their lifestyles.

CGMscript’s business model enables ordinary people to start their own business while enjoying a variety of educational services, entertainment, travels, health and wellness, blockchain courses and products.
CGMscript distributors, known as Independent Representatives (IRs), have the opportunity to become economically self-sufficient, improving the lives of their families and communities as well as helping others to achieve their dreams.
CGMscript recognizes that our members are the greatest assets. Our distribution model is powered by a cooperative aspiration to achieve success combined with financial independence. CGMscript is dedicated to give the IRs all the required tools and education materials that they need to strengthen their understanding of our services, products and business model and their abilities in presenting and training development.
CGMscript Customers
  • Retail Customers – The customers that regularly purchase CGMscript products / services but they are not joining the CGMscript distribution business model. 
  • Potential IRs – The customers who purchase CGMscript products / services and enroll themselves as members in CGMscript distribution business model. 
  • Existing IRs – The customers who regularly purchase CGMscript products / services while building a thriving network marketing business.
Our Compensation Plan:
CGMscript offers a proven and unique compensation plan that pays commissions and incentives to the CGMscript IRs for promoting our products and services.

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CGM Script offers you the latest Products and Services website with outstanding Network Marketing Business Plans such as: Binary Tree, Forced Matrix, Stages Matrix, Passup System and Unilevel MLM Plan, to build your own website in the easiest way possible. We are so proud to serve you anywhere any time with CGM Team. 

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