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Debit Card


Our privileged members have the advantage of owning the CGMscript Debit Card to easily withdraw their commissions on the go through any ATM Machine available in any country.

Debit Card for Privileged MembersCGMscript Debit Card is a plastic usable physical and virtual card that you can securely carry and withdraw money, can be used instead of cash while making purchases.
Advantages of the CGMscript Debit Cards for our privileged members include being safer than carrying cash, global functioning due to Visa and MasterCard world merchant acceptance. No need to worry about holding cash, paying a credit card bill or even going into debt, the opportunity is available for our privileged members "over the age of 18" to apply for the debit card and be accepted without regard to the credit quality.
Global Free Debit Card for Privileged MembersThe extra option for the European Citizens is to directly deposit paychecks, government benefits and receive bank wire transfers onto the card for free.
All the CGMscript Debit Card Holders enjoy the superior advantage of receiving their CGMscript Affiliate Commissions at any time upon request.

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